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From our Beaumont, TX law office, located in the heart of Jefferson County, David W. Starnes, Lawyer Beaumont, TX, a Texas Board-Certified Civil Trial and Personal Injury Lawyer in Beaumont, TX provides powerful representation to clients who have suffered personal injuries from auto accidents or are involved in civil legal disputes. Our firm assists clients in cases throughout Jefferson County, TX and in west Louisiana. It is our goal to get every client the best possible outcome.

Before you sign your rights away, contact David Starnes, a Beaumont auto accident lawyer for a free consultation and case review.

A personal injury lawyer with over 30 years of experience in Texas Law, David W. Starnes, Attorney at Law has an impressive record of successfully recovering damages for clients injured in car wrecks, 18-wheeler accidents, hurricane claims, maritime accidents, refinery accidents, and a variety of other personal injury claims in Beaumont, TX and Jefferson County, TX. He also helps our clients with employment law, contract issues and insurance disputes, including insurance-company - bad faith. He has the experience to determine how much you should collect if you are being treated unfairly.

His knowledge, experience and training in personal injury litigation is supported by his aggressive and proactive style. He has represented individuals and businesses in a wide array of disputes, including those involving employment, personal injury, breach of contract, commercial matters and many others. He does not promote unnecessary litigation, nor does he shy away from a legal battle. When he thinks that a case should settle or that he has obtained the best settlement offer under the circumstances, he will tell you. David W. Starnes will not, however, advise you to accept an unsatisfactory compromise and in those circumstances, he will aggressively pursue your personal injury case to the fullest extent allowed by the law.

If you're looking for a Personal Injury Lawyer in Beaumont, TX or Jefferson County, TX, call David W. Starnes, Attorney at Law today.

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UPDATE: Caught Red-Handed

You may recall that last month TDI blacklisted emails from citizens angry about Commissioner Eleanor Kitzman’s recent comments that she wouldn’t do anything to provide near-term relief from high cost, low coverage insurance.