Being involved in an 18-wheeler accident can be one of the most scary and traumatizing events of one’s life. It’s not something you can be ready for, and even if you avoid physical injuries, psychological impacts can take their toll, not to mention the damage to your vehicle and items inside.

In difficult legal moments like these, you need a lawyer you can trust to provide you with the support, guidance, and legal defense you deserve. But finding the right lawyer isn’t always easy, especially in moments of heightened emotion and desperation.

David W. Starnes Attorney At Law has been working in the legal industry for decades, and we know a thing or two about finding a suitable lawyer. In this blog, we’ll give you some valuable tips for finding and hiring a legal representative who can provide you with the quality services you require in the aftermath of an 18-wheeler accident or any severe vehicle collision.

Consider The Lawyer’s Specialization and Their Experience With Motor Accident Cases

When it comes to serious motor accidents, you need a legal professional who knows how to handle 18-wheeler truck crashes specifically and can hold the truck driver and the company they work for accountable.

Unfortunately, truck companies and insurance companies may have plenty of experience fighting cases like these. They may have a few tricks up their sleeves, and you want to make sure your lawyer is equipped to face these individuals and organizations in court and fight for your rights.

A specialist accident lawyer will be very familiar with traffic law and will be able to identify any safety violations that led to the accident you experienced. They’ll also take measures to collect all the legal evidence they need to build a strong case on your behalf, whether it’s eyewitness testimony or camera footage. Greater experience means your lawyer will be more familiar with what’s needed for success in cases like these.

Learn About Their Reputation and the Settlements They’ve Achieved in the Past

When it comes to legal representation, the proof is in the pudding. You can research a prospective lawyer’s reputation within the legal community or among past clients and can even ask for references if you’d like.

State legal systems also often maintain online databases where you can check your lawyer’s past trial record to see what kind of settlements they’ve achieved in the past. Be sure to pay attention to how many car accident cases they’ve worked and especially how they’ve fared in those.

Check Public Reviews

Like any service, legal services are reviewable, and we highly recommend checking the public reviews before moving forward with your lawyer. Odds are the experiences had by other clients will be similar to yours. When reading reviews, look for words like knowledgeable, responsive, fair, kind, and patient—these are all great characteristics of reliable, trustworthy legal professionals.

Book a Consultation and Assess their Communication Skills

One of the most important characteristics of a good lawyer is their ability to communicate with their clients. We always recommend that individuals book consultations with some prospective lawyers and assess their communication style before deciding to bring them on the case. Many lawyers offer a free initial consultation to learn about your case, so be sure to take advantage of this service and get to know your potential lawyers.

You’re going to have concerns and questions during this process, and having a professional readily available to discuss these details is crucial to getting the support you need. You want a lawyer who takes the time to explain things to you and who’s responsive to your questions and concerns.

Building a relationship based on trust and communication is crucial to the success of your case. Remember that your relationship with your lawyer is unique, so finding someone who you get along with can also help the process go smoothly.

Not everyone will want the same thing in a lawyer. Some people might want a very supportive lawyer who shows great concern for their emotional state after an accident. In contrast, others might want an aggressive lawyer who will go after the truck company in court. It’s important to make sure your lawyer shares and is receptive to your goals and what you want out of the case.

Find Out What You’ll Owe

Some lawyers charge legal fees throughout the legal process, while others only charge you if you win the settlement—this is known as a contingency fee arrangement, and it’s very common in vehicle accidents and personal injury cases.

You’ll want to find out how much your attorney charges and when payment is due before hiring your legal team. The last thing you want after a severe accident is to face unexpected legal fees.

Learn About Their Resources

It’s also a smart idea to assess the size of the legal firm the lawyer works with and any awards and acknowledgments the firm has. Severe car accidents can be complicated cases, and the more resources your lawyer has at their disposal, the better.

Resources could include 3D accident rebuilding technology or simply access to other legal minds to bounce ideas off. The more legal experts you have in your corner, the higher your chances of a successful verdict.

Larger firms might also have other professionals in addition to lawyers. These could include paralegals or researchers, event investigators to establish the facts, and maybe even access to medical experts who can assess your health status.

Take the Time You Need to Find the Right Lawyer and Build Your Case

You may be tempted to hire the first lawyer you find, but we highly recommend doing your research. The competency of legal professionals can vary, especially when it comes to such a specific field of law.

If you follow these tips, we’re confident you’ll find someone who can offer you the support you need.

If you’re ready to discuss your 18-wheeler accident case today, David W. Starnes Attorney At Law is here to help. Give us a call as soon as possible, and let’s get this case underway.