Coin Dealer Litigation

If you’ve been the victim of a coin scam or have concerns that a loved one may be receiving fraudulent information about the value of their coins, don’t waste time getting in touch with the team at David W. Starnes Attorney At Law.

Our legal experts have extensive litigation experience and offer specialized services pertaining to coin dealer fraudulent schemes. Many of these scams target hobbyists and older people, and our team is here to protect your rights and ensure you receive what you’re owed.

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Keep You and Your Family Safe from Scams

If you or a loved one are passionate about collecting coins, you should be wary of misleading and deceitful sales tactics which inflate the value of rare coins. Unreliable coin sellers may upsell the value of their inventory as a safe and genuine investment when in reality, their coins lose value over time and can result in heavy financial losses.

At David W. Starnes Attorney At Law, we help our clients identify whether they’ve been the victim of a fraudulent coin dealer scheme and establish a course of action to compensate for their loss. Our legal team can help you understand what constitutes fraud and litigate on your behalf. We’re exceptionally knowledgeable and passionate about our work and offer compassionate service to our clients.

Our coin dealer litigation services can help you receive compensation for any of the following:

  • Coin dealer fraud
  • Commemorative coin fraud
  • Deceitful sales tactics
  • Valuation scams
  • Non-delivery scams
  • Misleading investment advice
  • Precious metals scams
  • Bullion scams
  • Gold scams
  • …and more

The Best Legal Team to Represent Your Coin Dealer Litigation

Our team has years of professional legal experience and is familiar with fraudulent coin collection activity related to bad investment advice, valuation scams, and non-delivery scams. We offer compassionate legal counsel to our clients and exceptional legal services.

Our team works hard to get your money back and ensures our clients receive compensation from restitution and punitive damages when applicable.

Avoid Commemorative Coin Fraud

Working with a trusted and reputable dealer is essential when looking to obtain new coins for your personal collection. Some commemorative coin fraudsters may mislead you on the value of their collection or sell coins at extremely high markups, promising their value will continue to increase.

Before purchasing coins, you should always consult with your loved ones and establish a reliable provenance of the coins. However, if you fall victim to a scam, our lawyers and legal experts will help you navigate your next steps. Our team can help you understand when you’ve received fraudulent terms and help you receive compensation from the perpetrators of this scam.

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For victims of coin fraud, the legal experts at David W. Starnes Attorney At Law offer coin dealer litigation services that will help ensure you’re compensated. We’re committed to protecting victims of coin dealer fraud and have an extensive track record of winning fair compensation for clients in various civil claims.

Our legal experts work hard on your behalf and won’t rest until all information has been processed and an official claim has been made. Call (409) 835-9900 to contact a representative and schedule a preliminary consultation today!

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