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Protecting Workers against Discrimination and Harassment

You have worked hard, giving 100% to your job. Now you are being treated unfairly in the workplace. You may have an employment discrimination or sexual harassment claim.

If you are not being treated fairly in the workplace, contact a Texas employment lawyer. Attorney David Starnes will give you an honest assessment of your case. Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Laws prohibit discrimination based on:

  • Age
  • Race
  • Color
  • Religion
  • Sex
  • National origin
  • Physical handicap
  • Mental handicap

Discrimination Claims

State and federal laws are in place to protect the civil rights of employees. If you have been treated differently because of your age, your gender, your race, your disability, or your pregnancy, you deserve compensation. Under Equal employment law, only job qualifications can be used to determine who is promoted, what employees are paid, who is disciplined for breaking rules, and who is hired for a job.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Our lawyer has successfully represented employees in claims of sexual harassment. You have the right to feel safe when you are at your job, without being subjected to unwanted overtures or behavior that creates a hostile environment.

Employment Contracts – Do not sign your rights away!

Before signing an employment contract ask attorney David Starnes, Lawyer Beaumont, TX to review the terms of the contract and see that your severance package, benefits, and other terms are fair and legal. If you feel your employer has violated your contract, contact us to arrange a free initial consultation about the contract dispute.

Wrongful Termination • Retaliation

It is illegal under federal and Texas employment law for an employer to retaliate against you or terminate your employment for filing a claim against the employer or for "whistle-blower" activity. We will help you recover damages and get your job back.

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