Auto Accidents

If you find yourself looking for legal representation in the wake of an unfortunate auto accident, look no further than the esteemed David W. Starnes Attorney At Law. Promising diligence, compassion, and justice for the underserved and aggrieved, we are here for you.

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In the aftermath of an auto accident, it can be hard to know where to turn. Once you've received necessary medical attention and your car has been brought to the shop, you may need a lawyer to help you receive the justice you deserve. David W. Starnes Attorney At Law is here to help.

Our attorneys have specialized in car accidents for years. We have the knowledge and resources to help you navigate legal jargon and paperwork and represent your interests in court when necessary.

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Meet with An Attorney to Discuss Your Auto Accident

Before we can assist with your case, our attorney will need to meet with you in person. When you arrive at our office for your meeting, we will provide you with a frank assessment of your case and let you know the benefits of hiring our legal services.

These benefits include:

Detailed Investigation of Your Case

Our lawyers will pull out all the stops to ensure that your case is investigated thoroughly. We will gather and examine the following evidence:

  • The crash scene
  • Photos of auto damage
  • Police accident reports
  • Eyewitness statements
  • Electronic data
  • Cell phone records
  • Surveillance cameras
  • The other driver's record

Representing Your Rights and Interests

Our legal representatives will take the time to explain your rights to you so you can make informed decisions about your claim. We will do what it takes to help you receive the maximum compensation you are entitled to by exploring your case in great detail and fighting for you in the courtroom when necessary.

Southeast Texas Car Accident Attorney

At David W. Starnes Attorney At Law, we understand that there is a considerable amount of stress you go through after experiencing a car accident. We are here to help. We provide attorneys who specialize in cart accident cases. Whether there is damage to you or your vehicle, we will make sure you are protected and receive the compensation you deserve.

We know that some attorneys can over-complicate the legal process—not us. We are here to make sure that you know your rights and what your options are. We are an experienced team that is able to provide you a detailed explanation that will inform you of the compensation that you are entitled to.

At David W. Starnes Attorney At Law, we pride ourselves on our customer service. We are confident that from our first consultation until your case concludes, our dedication to customer satisfaction will be evident. Our team will be available for you throughout the process in order to ensure that our plan of action is aligned with your expectations.

Have any questions? Call us at (409) 835-9900 and speak to one of our representatives who will gladly answer any queries you may have.

Consulting with Experts

To get a detailed understanding of the auto accident you've faced, it is sometimes necessary to consult with a series of experts. Our legal team can access accident reconstruction experts, who will look at the case closely and determine the responsible party for the accident. Medical experts can examine your injuries, the level of care you'll need, and how these injuries will affect your life and finances in the long term - all crucial elements of building a strong claim.

Timely Payouts

Being caught in the aftermath of an auto accident isn't cheap. Not only do you have medical expenses and legal fees to worry about, but also the repairs needed to fix your vehicle. Our legal specialists will work hard to ensure that you receive the funds you're owed and quickly achieve this verdict.

At David W. Starnes Attorney At Law we value your time and money. We understand that after a car accident, you are in a vulnerable position and we do not wish to exploit that. Thanks to the efficiency of our experienced team, we are able to offer extremely affordable rates. Our team possess the knowledge and skill to offer services with unmatched timely payouts that do not compromise the quality of our work nor the amount you are entitled to. We want to relieve you of your stress and get you out of this legal battle as quick as possible, but not at the expense of compromising the case. We ensure you will receive the amount you are entitled to and in a timely manner.

Competitive Rates on Legal Representation

At David W. Starnes Attorney At Law, we wish to meet the needs of as many clients as possible. We understand that individuals will shy away from hiring legal aid because of financial strains, and we want to make our services accessible to all. We are proud to offer some of the most competitive rates in the industry, and we're happy to provide you with a clear, honest quote before we start working on your case.

Superior Legal Support in the Aftermath of a Car Crash

Hiring the right legal support in a time of crisis is of the utmost importance, and David W. Starnes Attorney At Law is happy to help.

For years, our lawyers have been specializing in automobile accidents. We strive to provide our clients with the support they need. We will help you receive the compensation you deserve and represent you in court when necessary.

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Your Attorney, Your Advocate

David W. Starnes is board-certified to practice civil trial law and personal injury law. With three decades of experience, Mr. Starnes has helped countless individuals regain their autonomy in the wake of another’s negligence or intentionally harmful actions. Our firm has helped win people settlements that compensate them for all ongoing treatments or any loss of employment.

With our firm, you get more than just an attorney who can help you make sense of the justice system. You get a tireless advocate. You get someone committed to reaching an outcome that favors the well-being of you and your loved ones.

In the wake of a car accident, such advocacy isn’t just helpful—it is instrumental in restoring your quality of life. Let us be your advocates. Call us today.

The Importance of Hiring a Lawyer After a Car Crash

If you or your loved one has been injured or your vehicle has been damaged in a collision, there will be an investigation to determine what happened and who is at fault. Investigations such as these can be lengthy and complicated. Over the investigation’s duration, there are many moments where a claimant can misspeak or misrepresent the relevant sequence of events. With an attorney present at all times, you can rest easy that no missteps will be made.

If the accident is determined to be the fault of another driver or pedestrian, you will be subject to compensation.

With an attorney such as one from our firm, you’ll have the assurance that your compensation is more than adequate. We want our clients to receive the care they deserve in the wake of an accident. Through a thorough investigation, we represent the facts and reality of your situation as clearly as possible to those overseeing the proceedings.

While you may be able to trust your insurance company to get you the compensation you are entitled to, you should also be paid by the other person for the injuries and losses that have occurred, and this is not as easy as it's cracked up to be. That said, when you have our legal team working on your behalf, the road to fair compensation is clear as can be.

If you are looking to receive a settlement, you will require the expertise of a personal injury or auto accident lawyer. We are the ones who will present your case with both conviction and clarity. We will steadfastly commit ourselves to your case. Rest assured, the most favorable outcomes will be all but certain. Our company has represented the interests of dozens of clients, and we will fight until you receive a good outcome.

To discuss your options, book a consultation today!

Meet with Our Superior Lawyers

Experiencing an auto accident can be traumatizing and recovery can be very challenging, too. The recovery process can result in a loss of employment, and debts can mount to unthinkable heights in little time at all. If you or your loved ones have sustained injuries, or if you have lost a family member to a car crash, the effects can be long-term.

We want to lessen the severity of the after-effects—financial, emotional, or otherwise. We want to make sure that every possible treatment is available to you and that your quality of life does not drop as a result of medical debt and the other expenses associated with recovery.

To put a stop to any further distress, we welcome you to schedule a consultation. Before we can begin helping you with your settlement, we must first gain an understanding of the case itself. When you get in touch with us, we will book you in for a consultation at a convenient time. We will discuss what took place and the steps you have made in contacting your insurance company.

We are also happy to provide you with the pricing for our services, to ensure that everyone is on the same page before moving forward. Transparency is the cornerstone of a trustworthy relationship between client and attorney. Rest assured, you will find no firm more forthcoming and transparent than ours.

Free Evaluations on Your Auto Collision Case

Part of our dedication to our clients includes reviewing their cases free of charge and with no obligation. Our commitment to honesty and integrity allows you to feel confident when you hire us, knowing that we have set your expectations realistically. We promise not to mislead you and let you know exactly how we expect things to go, drawing from decades of auto injury legal experience. 

Open Communication with Your Car Accident Lawyer

Our emphasis on approachability does not stop after your consultation—rather, it continues throughout the entire legal process. We know how confusing it can be to confidently navigate a legal battle, which is why we make sure to be there at every stage of the process for our clients. If you ever come up with any questions or need clarification about part of the process, our auto injury lawyers will be happy to help.

Take Advantage of Our Valuable Legal Resources

Having been a trusted car accident law firm for many years now, we have made valuable connections and collected many resources that will aid us in your case. No matter the details and scope of your situation, you can rest assured that we will use everything in our disposable to get you the best possible outcome. 

Be Ready for Every Stage of Your Car Accident Case

Due process is important when it comes to the legal system, and our auto accident lawyers are here to help you meet all of your deadlines. We plan carefully and make sure we have everything prepared when needed, so you never have to worry about missing important dates or overlooking documents required for your case. 

Dealing with Auto Insurance Companies

If your auto accident case involves insurance claims or negotiations, then we are here to help. It’s no secret that insurance companies tend to make things as difficult as possible, but fortunately, we are experts at dealing with them. We can help you review your coverage and make sure you are getting everything that you are entitled to. 

When Can You Seek Damages After an Auto Accident

Although vehicle-to-vehicle collisions are typically the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of auto accident cases, they are not the only situations. Our licensed and certified lawyers are qualified to provide a wide range of representation for anyone affected by an auto accident. Some of the sources that could be deemed responsible for your accident include:

  • Another driver, including truck and bus drivers
  • Bicyclist
  • Pedestrians 
  • Employer
  • A company responsible for a defective product

Getting Compensation for Car Accident Injuries

We are happy to take on cases of all shapes and sizes here at David W. Starnes Attorney At Law. There are many ways that you could be injured in a vehicle that would warrant compensation, and we are here to help you fight for everything that you deserve. Some of the injuries we have been able to successfully gain payments for include:

  • Back injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Concussions
  • Paralysis 
  • Whiplash
  • Burns
  • Broken bones
  • Wrongful death
  • And more

Quality Attorney Representation at Competitive Rates

We understand that some people will avoid hiring a lawyer because of financial roadblocks. We also understand the importance of quality legal representation in the case of a severe auto accident. Our lawyers want to help you receive your settlement, and that is why we offer our services at very competitive rates.

We want to know that legal assistance is just a phone call away. If you find yourself struggling in the wake of an accident, we can mitigate your struggles. With us, it is possible to start anew and rebuild your life unburdened by costs related to increased insurance premiums, medical bills, and everything in between. Our rates are competitive—and our attorneys are, too.

If you have concerns about our pricing, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have at any point in the process. We value honesty and transparency, and our approach to serving our clients reflects that.

Finding the Support, You Need After an Auto Accident

In the aftermath of an auto accident, you may be experiencing shock, stress, or anger, especially if you or someone you love is hurt. You need to trust a legal team that will make smart decisions and knows how to get you the justice you deserve.

We understand that going through this process is not easy, and we want to do our part to alleviate any stress we can. We have implemented a thorough hiring process that allows us to hire attorneys who care about their clients, are excellent communicators and are diligent in their work. While we do provide experienced legal services, we also provide a safe and nurturing environment. We are here to help you, however we can. We pride ourselves on our judgment-free approach as much as we do on our legal work. Bring your concerns to the table and we promise we will do everything in our power to help you get the justice you seek.

Call our attorneys at (409) 835-9900! We will make sure you acquire the support you need.

Auto Accident Lawyer with a History of Success

When clients seek the legal representation of our firm, they achieve a sense of relief they didn’t know possible. It isn’t just our immediate commitment that puts them at ease, but our track record for success in the arena of personal injury law. We put your needs first because your success is our success. We promise to give your case the undivided attention it deserves.

When it comes to your settlement, results matter. When you work with David W. Starnes Attorney At Law, you benefit from lawyers with a solid win percentage. Having taken on countless auto injury cases over our decades of service and achieving success on a great deal of them, you can feel confident when you trust us as your lawyers. When people come to us in search of a car accident lawyer, we don’t take it for granted. We understand that you are in an extremely difficult situation, which is why we work purposefully on every case to get the best possible results. We never settle for second best and promise to fight to get you maximum compensation.

An Accident Attorney That Works for You

The legal system can be overwhelming at times, especially for those without much experience with it. Keeping that in mind, we here at David W. Starnes Attorney At Law do everything we can to help you understand the proceedings. With over 35 years of legal service as a firm, we have created a dependable and streamlined workflow. From start to finish, we help you understand what we are working toward and where we see things going. This helps us ensure we have your entire case prepared for trial in a respectable time frame. When your court date arrives, you can count on us to be there, and with everything we need to represent you properly.

If you have any questions during the process or have any requests for how we can accommodate you, just let us know, and we will do everything we can to deliver.

Informed Auto Attorneys

The legal system is a complex network of procedures and principles that aim to regulate the actions of those within the system. Many of these principles and laws are matters of longstanding debate amongst scholars, insurance companies, and legal professionals alike. As a result, those at-fault or who wish to minimize their liabilities will sometimes wield the rule of law to their advantage.

In our offices, we will work on your behalf to make sure governing and judicial bodies understand that you require justice and adequate compensation. As informed attorneys committed to your cause, we will restore your faith in the justice system. We do not wish to bury you in legal jargon, we are dedicated to ensuring that you are well informed with all details pertaining to your case. We pride ourselves on our ability to distill all the intricacies of the judicial system into digestible information that our clients can fully understand.

With us as your legal team, you can always count on getting effective legal representation. That’s because we are diligent about staying up to date on all developments in the field of personal injury law. This means that when we are working on your case, we will always be operating with the correct approach. We use our vast understanding of the legal code in our favor to help find the best ways to get our clients what they deserve.

Far-Reaching Personal Injury Attorney

We are licensed and certified to represent clients throughout many different areas in Texas. Our broad service area helps ensure that we are always a valuable call to make if you have been hurt in a car accident. If you would like to know if we can help your situation, we encourage you to get in touch with us or visit our homepage for the full list of areas we can represent clients.

You’re More Than a Client to Our Attorneys

One thing that separates our firm is our dedication to the people we represent. We strive to help you feel at ease and that there is hope during your difficult situation. We hope to provide our clients with an honest, accommodating, and valuable legal service that will allow them to overcome their hardship and move on with their life.

Car Accident Attorney

As you recover from the effects of a vehicle accident, David W. Starnes Attorney At Law is here to ensure a swift return to normal. We advocate passionately on your behalf, providing the legal representation and advice you need at this time.

We'll evaluate your case with unmatched care and precision, working with auto companies, at-fault parties, and others. We don't rest until we can recover the compensation you deserve.

Contact us today at (409) 835-9900 to schedule a legal consultation.

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Legal Representation and Guidance Following a Car Accident

The results of a vehicle accident can be devastating for all involved. As you deal with physical and emotional injuries, being unable to afford expenses can render you vulnerable. Luckily, David W. Starnes Attorney At Law is here for you.

We will assist you with each step of your injury claim. We will review all documentation, settlements, and reports leaving no detail overlooked during the investigation process. We will help you recover fair compensation for the cost of injuries, missed employment, vehicle damage, and other overlying causes.

We have decades of experience in car and truck accidents and are expertly familiar with topics ranging from vehicle manufacturing defects to reckless driving and driving under the influence. We understand the difficulty and sensitivity of these situations, and the need to act quickly to ensure good results.

With us in your corner, you can be confident of a good outcome. We'll carefully evaluate your case and advise on the best course of action specific to your case. Schedule a case evaluation by calling us today.

Your Car Accident Settlement Consultation

Our goal is to provide you with all the information you need to make the right decision about hiring an auto injury lawyer. This begins with our commitment to starting all of our processes with a no-obligation consultation and case review. We aim to get a full comprehension of your situation so we can let you know exactly how we believe we can help you.

Not only that, but we are also happy to address all of your questions and concerns so that you can feel secure in your decision. When you have been in a car accident, it can be difficult to know where to turn, which is why we aim to give our clients a full understanding of their options with absolutely no obligation.

An Auto Accident Attorney with Decades of Experience

What makes us the best choice to represent you after an auto wreck? We have over 35 years of experience in providing top-notch legal services. When you work with us, you can rest assured knowing that you have a seasoned personal injury attorney giving your case their full attention. We have had the pleasure of being in business for so long because of our strong work ethic and high success rate. Our extensive history in the field has made us the foremost authority on personal injury law in the area, so you can always feel secure in your choice to have us represent you.

Honest Pricing on Valuable Legal Representation

When you trust us to help you with the legal proceedings after an auto accident, you can always count on receiving a reasonable price on our first-rate service. Over our time in business, we earned a reputation as a trustworthy local source for legal advice because of our upfront pricing and unmatched integrity. We take great pride in helping our clients through their difficult situations by always charging fair rates for our vigilant representation.

A Compassionate Car Crash Lawyer

Many people involved in car accidents feel as though insurance providers, employers, and others lack compassion. At our firm, you will find no shortage of compassion for individuals and families in situations such as yours. We believe it is our duty to extend our vast legal expertise to those most in need.

As you will quickly learn, we are not simply professionals that explain the intricacies of the legal system. More than that, we are your advocates. From the moment you contact our firm, it will be evident that we are a step above the rest. All of our potential clients are greeted with the same high standards of customer service. We understand that when people come to us, they are most likely already in a stressful situation. This is why we go the extra mile to treat all our clients with a welcoming and attentive attitude.

You will feel the benefits of our client-focused approach throughout the entire process. We leave no stone unturned as we compile the best case possible before going to court. Not only that, after the trial, we are available to help wrap everything up or assist with the appealing process.

Get the Compensation You Deserve with David W. Starnes Attorney At Law

We pride ourselves on being a law firm that goes above and beyond for our clients. When you put your trust in us to help with your auto accident case, you can be sure that you have a team working for you that will not rest until we get you the best results possible.

Navigating the Court Process

If your accident ends up going to court, David W. Starnes Attorney At Law will be there every step of the way. We advocate strongly on your behalf as we plead your case to the judge.

We'll work alongside witnesses, companies in question, other legal professionals, and law enforcement officers to secure a detailed account of the case. If you have been a victim of negligence, we'll ensure you are granted full and fair compensation.

As you move forward, you can enjoy the peace-of-mind knowing your outstanding expenses are taken care of.

Auto Accident Lawyer

No auto accident occurs without leaving at least one individual in need of financial compensation or justice. We are here to help those individuals. We are here to help you.

At our Beaumont, TX law firm, attorney David Starnes is determined that clients injured in car wrecks get the compensation they deserve, and Mr. Starnes, personal injury lawyer in Beaumont, TX, has the experience and skill to make it happen.

Talk with an Experienced Lawyer

The first step toward a positive outcome is simple. All that's required of you? Simply contact us. Our administrative team will schedule you a consultation with one of our firm's leading partners. During your consultation, we will review the damages that arose from the accident in question, any future health or psychological complications that might entitle you to further compensation, and more.

Navigating the legal system might seem intimidating, but with us by your side you will feel confident and empowered. During your consultation, you will have ample time to ask any question that comes to mind. We will gladly answer every question and address any concern that you have. Remember, after all, that we are your advocates during this difficult time.

Talk with an experienced accident lawyer Beaumont, TX before signing an insurance-settlement offer. Contact us to make arrangements for a free consultation and case evaluation.

Your Texas Board Certified Lawyer

When it comes to your disputes with at-fault motorists, municipal bodies, and insurance companies, you need adequate legal representation. Rest assured, there is no personal injury lawyer more qualified to assist you than those found at our firm.

David Starnes, a Texas Board-Certified Trial and Personal Injury Lawyer Beaumont, TX, is prepared to assist clients with a wide range of motor-vehicle-accident injury claims, including those involving:

  • car wrecks
  • 18-wheeler accidents
  • motorcycle crashes
  • pedestrians hit by cars
  • auto-bicycle accidents
  • Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV) rollovers
  • delivery vehicles
  • defective products
  • back injuries
  • neck injuries
  • closed head injuries
  • chronic pain
  • paralysis
  • traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • amputation
  • burns
  • catastrophic injuries

Mr. Starnes is particularly concerned that manufacturers of auto equipment and motor vehicles be held responsible for poor design and manufacturing defects that cause serious, even fatal, accidents, including:

  • top-heavy design in 15-passenger vans (like airport shuttles) that causes rollovers
  • defective seat belts, restraint systems, door locks, lift gates, and auto glass
  • structural defects affecting crashworthiness, resulting in roof crush, seat-back collapse, fuel-fed fire
  • conversion van modifications that destroy the roof support, sacrificing safety for style

Legal Specialty in Vehicle Accidents

For almost thirty years, David W. Starnes Attorney At Law has offered invaluable support to those who have sustained auto accidents. We are experts in personal injury law and have helped clients recover from any number of accidents.

Clients have benefitted from our detailed approach and proven track record of success. We make it our mission to get what you deserve and to notice the details others have missed.

Our experience includes commercial and 18-wheeler accidents, drunk driving lawsuits, and a range of other events. We have a proven ability to get you the best foreseeable outcome.

Auto Accident Lawyers Ensure You Are Properly Recognized

As you deal with the outcome of your vehicle accident, you don't have to stand alone. David W. Starnes Attorney At Law's dedication and commitment to passionate, empathetic legal representation will secure a positive outcome for your case.

For a consultation and case review, reach out to us today at (409) 835-9900. We look forward to working together.

Auto Accidents

If you have been in an auto accident, you may not realize you have been injured, or what the lifetime cost of your injuries may be, until weeks, months, or years later. If you have lost a loved one in an 18-wheeler accident, you are grieving, and are not ready to negotiate with an insurance company over the value of a wrongful death claim. It costs you nothing to have David Starnes look over your medical records and insurance-settlement offer.

Contact Beaumont, Texas, personal injury lawyer and civil litigation attorney David Starnes, 800-835-9499, for a free consultation and case review. Our firm is prepared to handle cases throughout the state, helping clients in Corpus Christi, San Antonio, Houston, Austin, Tyler, and Dallas-Fort Worth recover compensation for injury suffered in car wrecks, 18-wheeler accidents, and on-the-job accidents.

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