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At our south Texas firm, maritime lawyer Beaumont, TX David Starnes uses federal maritime laws to help our clients get maximum compensation for injuries suffered at sea and on shore. If someone you are close to was injured or killed in a maritime accident, be sure to consult with a maritime injury lawyer who is familiar with all sources of compensation available to longshoremen, harbor workers, fishermen, sailors, merchant seamen, passengers, and pleasure boaters.

Your union may try to steer you to a law firm they work with. If you have a suit, you may be better off working with a lawyer who is not influenced by the union. If you would like to talk with Attorney Starnes about your situation before making a decision, contact us to arrange for a free consultation at our Beaumont, TX office.

Jones Act • Maritime Law • Death on the High Seas Act

Maritime law includes federal laws that treat injury cases involving maritime accidents suffered in connection with ocean-going vessels, whether in the harbor or at sea, differently from land-based accidents.

The Jones Act provides an injured seaman a remedy against employers for injuries arising from the negligence of the employer or co-workers while the seaman was on the job. Claims under the Jones Act include claims against a vessel's owner that the vessel was not seaworthy.

If a seaman dies, a wrongful death claim may be made based on the Jones Act, on general maritime law, or on the Death on the High Seas Act.

Maritime Cases Require Highly Qualified Experts

David Starnes, Personal Injury Lawyer in Beaumont, TX and staff work in association with highly qualified marine safety investigators, naval experts, injury experts, Board-certified medical experts, physical capacities experts, rehabilitation experts, and economists to prepare and present a strong case for maximum benefits.

We are committed to protecting the rights of marine workers, their families, and others who have been injured or have lost loved ones in marine accidents. Contact our Personal Injury Lawyer in Beaumont, TX if you would like assistance with a maritime injury claim.

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