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On the Job Injuries

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Were you injured in an on-the-job accident?

Personal Injury Lawyer Beaumont, TX David W. Starnes is committed to helping employees recover all possible compensation for workplace accidents in Beaumont, TX and Jefferson County, TX.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured or died as a result of an on-the-job accident, you are aware that Workers' Compensation payments are often low, do not last long enough, and do not compensate the injured parties and their families for pain, suffering, or some other losses. There may be more benefits available. Contact our Beaumont, TX law office if you would like to speak to a workplace accident attorney about other sources of compensation for your losses.

Third Party Claims for Personal Injuries Suffered at Work

Was the injury the result of defective warehouse equipment or a poorly designed scaffold? You may be entitled to a product liability claim against the manufacturer. Did poor property management and maintenance cause the accident? You may be entitled to a claim against the owner of the property (if it is not your employer). Were your injuries suffered in connection with an auto accident while you were driving an 18-wheeler, a delivery van, or out on the road for work? Your injuries may be covered under your own and the other driver's auto insurance policies. Did a supplier's delivery service leave a valve open in the chemical refinery, causing an accident? You can file a lawsuit against the supplier.

These third-party claims can be brought in addition to Workers' Compensation claims, however in third-party claims you can ask for damages for pain, suffering, and future expenses. We are committed to protecting the rights of workers and pursue every option in helping you recover.

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